Education. Schooling. Learning.

What does it all mean? If someone is well schooled are they necessarily well educated? Some of the most influential people in history have struggled with traditional school. Others breezed right through.

Proposed solutions abound: education reform, differentiated instruction, closing the achievement gap, extended school days, longer school years, alternative assessment, educating the whole child, project based learning, inquiry based learning — the list could go on.

New positions and titles have been created to address the issues and create solutions. But drop out rates, illiteracy and incompetence is still pervasive.

I think I have the solution – but so do many others. We all know that something is wrong with the picture but we seem desperately afraid to change the picture.

If you had an opportunity to create the perfect school – no holds barred, no price limit, no restrictions – what would it be?

I’m interested to hear other people’s thoughts.

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