Murphy’s Law or a Myrna Day?

I think Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Yesterday, I just had one of those days. Nothing serious, just an off day. What an old friend, Myrna and I used to call a “Myrna Day.” The day started out less than perfect – I woke in a bit of a funk because I do not have any new networking opportunities planned for this week and last week was non-productive because of my bout with the flu. So, low energy, feelings of frustration and maybe of utter failure – a typical day for self-pity. I tried to snap out of it – by playing just the right song, thinking positive thoughts, deep breathing – my routine. After running an unexpected errand that had to be taken care of and hoping to get started on my writing for the day, a neighbor called needing me to pick up her child from school – unexpected emergency; rearranging my afternoon plans a bit I picked her up and headed to get my own. Managed the first two and headed for the last pick up of the afternoon, just a block from school and he calls, “Can you pick me up later? I have to meet such and such teacher and work on such and another project….” Quickly calculated how I could complete the evening calendars of the other two and agreed to pick him up in two hours. Half hour drive home, left me an hour to get something done. I had, by this time, checked the day off as ‘wasted’ so that I didn’t allow my frustration to boil over into anger. When I promptly fell asleep – missing the pick up by half hour. Scrambled to get him and get back forty-five minutes later – just in time to pick up the other son and get him to basketball. And finally, half an hour to do my own thing until his game started. So, I sat in my car to work when a sudden noise – a small, almost inaudible ‘click’ – left me with the realization that my battery had just died. Thankfully I have roadside assistance – but that meant a 45 minute wait. Since all the power windows were down, I had to stay with the car. Grateful for the moments to get my work done and found myself chuckling with a thought: What a Myrna Day!

Thanks Myrna for all of the memories of our Myrna Day’s over the years and for providing a chuckle at the end of a long, frustrating day!

One comment

  1. You’re welcome! I’m glad my many days filled with mishaps, misfortunes & mistakes have not been in vain! I’ve long since learned that when those kind of days happen, you just gotta smile & wish for tomorrow, knowing that ultimately the soveriegn God who loves you never gives you more than you can handle or anything that he doesn’t plan to use for good!! ^_^


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