Bits-of-Joy in July

So, I’m a day late getting started, but yesterday I decided that I’d like to offer a bit-of-joy each day for the month of July.

I’ll be offering a quote about ‘joy’ from a long list I’ve gathered – in the hopes that in this long month halfway through 2018, we can focus on experiencing and sharing JOY.

Today I will offer two quotes because I am already a day behind schedule. 🙂

I hope you’ll join me for a quick bit each day and that my daily posts don’t overwhelm you.


Bit-a-Joy #1

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. – Thich Nat Hanh

Some days I wake up feeling ‘blah’ or even downright sad and on the verge of tears for no real reason. My life is good. I count my blessings. But smiling can be a struggle. And often smiling through these feelings helps me to find and share joy with others – perhaps because it forces me out of my own negativity.

I am not trying to be flippant about serious mental health issues or encouraging anyone to ignore the reality of toxic or dangerous situations ‘with a smile’. Please address the issues that need addressing.

But on those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or Murphy’s Law gets the best of you — perhaps a smile can bring you and others joy.

bit a joy w chinese clear

Bit-a-Joy #2

Joy is not dependent on circumstances; it is your own. It is not a titillation produced by things; it is a state of peace, of silence – a meditative state. It is spiritual. – Osho

When I read this quote by Osho, I agreed instantly. I’ve always considered joy to be deeper than happiness. Joy runs deep — it doesn’t mean we are always smiling Pollyanna’s, but it does reside deeper in the soul. Joy comes from the peace of knowing that we are MORE THAN our current circumstances and that we are not the sum of what might happen to us or around us.

I don’t know if this joy comes from – or leads to – acceptance of what is. I do know that the moments I experience one, I also experience the other. And it may be in the moments I am forcing a smile because I’m having a ‘blah’ day.

Please join the conversation:

Which of these quotes speaks most to your experience of joy? Do you experience joy and happiness as one and the same thing?



  1. Hi Janet, firstly your photos of the daffodils brought me joy as they are my favourite flowers. They always make me happy. I agree about smiling – it can work if you are feeling a little down, looking in the mirror and smiling does make you feel better. I find joy in experiencing life through my grandsons eyes. My eldest, is 4 and for 4 years I have been seeing life through his eyes and discovering many things I had forgotten to take the time to enjoy. Have a beautiful week, Janet. xx


    • Daffodils are my favorite too — they always seem to be smiling! I think babies bring that sense of wonder and awe to many people. I’m at least a few years away from grandchildren — but I love the opportunities to be with children for that very reason. So glad you are close by your grandchildren to experience that joy! Enjoy your week and the cooling weather where you are!

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  2. Hi Janet, The second quotation, by Osho, is the one that speaks to me. I see joy as a different state from happiness. Happiness can be fleeting – a child with an ice cream cone said cartoonist Charles Schultz. But joy, as Osho argues, is spiritual. It also may not last, but when it’s there it is deep and transformative.


    • Love the image of the child with an ice cream cone — so fleeting but so precious while it lasts! Yes, deep is a good word – like it seeps into your bones. Thanks for joining the conversation!


  3. loved both quotes-a smile is such a gift given and a gift received – and with practice we can lift ourselves from a ‘blicky’ state. osho’s quote on joy speaks clearly -I get that it is an inner feeling unstated but deeply felt – independent of everything around us – Joy and Being go hand in hand –


    • Joy and Being – so true! Perhaps it is when we recognize that we are independent of our surroundings that we can truly experience joy. I’m finding midlife is a good time for this. Thanks for joining the conversation.


  4. I think we confuse joy with happiness – joy is much deeper and it’s something that comes from within – particuarly in response to being grateful for our many blessings. I’ve learned to stop fluctuating so much with depending on other people and situations for my joy – now I take full responsibility for it and work on it daily too.

    Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM xx
    Leanne | Cresting the Hill


  5. What a delight to find my way here and your “July joy” project. I love the Osho quote, and that’s what I believe about joy as well. I often think of it as a deep internal state that we can open up to, and then acts as a filter through which we can perceive all.


    • Deborah – welcome to the conversation! I appreciate your image of the filter for perception – feels more authentic than the old saying ‘rose colored glasses’ because the joy is present already.


  6. Janet your daffodils made me feel joyful. Thankyou for sending out Joy in July. Joy means a lot to me.and I don’t mean happiness. Joy to me is a deeper more contented feeling of happiness. When I feel joyful Ivalso have a feeling of gratitude. This post made my day. Thankyou


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