Bit-of-Joy #4

Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life – Wess Stafford

On this July 4th, the celebration of Independence Day for the United States, in a time when the political climate is tense and many are stressed and distressed – we MUST decide how we respond to life.

When all is well personally and politically, when babies are smiling and the sun is shining – it is easier to find the joy in life, in the little and big things.

When times are tough, deciding to be grateful and choose JOY takes a bit more. At these moments we smile (fake it ’til we make it), we hope, we decide to look for the positive and to hold on through the darkness.

Today, I decide to find the joy — for all those for whom Independence Day did not become reality on July 4th, 1776; for those who celebrate emancipation on Juneteenth (June 19th); for those who live in fear and danger yet today because of hatred and apathy.

Today, I decide to choose joy because embracing joy gives me the strength and courage to fight for justice.


  1. This is an interesting one, Janet. As I’ve read various blog posts today and listened to US media here in Canada, I’m distressed by the hype about what a great country America is, how it is a place where dreams are realized. I think that used to be true. I don’t believe that it is true now.

    Choosing joy as your response to the current political climate is brave and, I agree, it is wise if you are intent on continuing to fight for justice. My concern is about people who are choosing joy as a way of not seeing, of avoiding the pains your country is suffering because “I’m fine and they’ve got nothing to do with me.”

    I don’t have any answers. Just my musing in response to your thought-provoking bit of joy.


    • Ah Karen — I understand the fine line that is walked between choosing joy and ignoring reality. Those who are choosing not to see or, worse yet, are choosing to see and support hatred, divisiveness, greed, etc will do what they do — I choose joy because joy, for me, implies hope. Otherwise we wallow….


  2. Hi Janet, as allies of the US, we receive all the latest news on happenings in the US. It is sad to see a country so divided. Your outlook to have the courage to find joy in any situation is a good reminder. We just feel so much better and are able to cope if we are appreciating what we do have in life rather than always focusing on what we don’t. Have a beautiful day xx


    • Thanks Sue — are country is in a very sad state right now. Choosing joy – not giddy, gleeful but serene, peaceful – joy provides the energy to keep going for sure. Enjoy your day!


  3. whatever direction we look in we will find deep suffering pain hatreds conflicts and senseless violence – the list goes on – the earth worries the family dysfunctions the sick … see just when I try to stop I think of all else crying out for help — so yes we need to see all this and stand up when we can and act creatively into the world on behalf of … and choosing joy serenity is a brave choice – good on you janet


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