Bit-of-Joy #7

Some days JOY is a gift. Other days it’s an all-out BATTLE. – Unknown

Let’s keep it real.

Yes, we can choose to be joyful. We appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. We are grateful for all of our blessings. We smile bravely in the midst of struggle. Somedays.

But somedays – we do all of these same things and do not FEEL joy.

What then?

I forge ahead – complete chores, get my body moving, eat well…

On days when JOY doesn’t overwhelm us, we press on with confidence that like the sun on a cloudy day, JOY is with us – we just can’t feel it.

That feels a bit cliche but JOY is more than a feeling – joy is an attitude, a state of being rooted in hope, an acceptance of the dreary realities of life.

What do you do on days when choosing JOY feels like an all-out battle? 



  1. Luckily I have few days like that anymore. I too used to just forge ahead, blinders on, to deal with the wreckage of my life later…and that I did. Never want to go back to those situations. My life is blissfully boring now in comparison, and also usually quite blissful! I wouldn’t be enjoying it so much now, if I hadn’t had those dark days first though.



    • Deb – how true it is that dark days help us enjoy ‘blissfully boring’. I had periods of turmoil for sure — and am fortunate to have moved beyond them. Even without the external drama, some days just aren’t as exuberant and it takes effort, for me, to kickstart a positive attitude.

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  2. Hi Janet,
    I like your phrase – “joy is an attitude, a state of being rooted in hope.” I think that yesterday when I wrote, I was in a spot where joy was elusive. And yet a couple of hours later, it was back. So forging ahead, offering yourself a bit of TLC – that’s a good way to keep joy present.


    • Karen – good to hear that your sense of joy returned. I imagine that as you continue on your metaphorical roadtrip that you might experience a rollercoaster of emotions – particularly if you are working through memoir. Often I struggle on days that are literally dark and cloudy. Joy comes more easily for me with sunshine. I found it interesting that in hunting through my nature photos that none of them are on cloudy days. I’m making a mental note to try to find the beauty on the next cloudy day — and take pictures of it.


  3. Love this!! Joy is always there just like the sun – perfect! The whole series is wonderful. Thanks for sharing! 💕


  4. I guess I turn to gratitude and look around me and reflect on the beauty of nature the earth the children and then I feel the flutter of joy batting away at the dark clouds I have covered it with..


  5. I absolutely agree: Joy IS an attitude. It took me years to figure that out and when I was younger, I thought there was something wrong … unstable … about me. There’s just something about being THIS age with all acquired wisdom that gives inner peace 🙂


    • I do agree that ‘THIS age’ seems to make it easier to experience JOY and inner peace. Perhaps as we shed responsibilities outside of ourselves….thanks for joining the conversation!


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