Bit-of-Joy #9

There’s a whole lot of joy just waiting for you to find it. – Unknown.

If joy is waiting to be found, what can we do to find it?

Some ideas:

  • Take deep breathes.
  • Meditate.
  • Go for a walk – or run or bike.
  • Find room for play, creativity, relaxation.
  • Honor your emotions.
  • Spend time in nature.

Are you open to the joy in your life waiting to be found? If not, why not? 

If yes, do you have a habit or ‘trick’ to tap into JOY?


  1. Having a structure to my days with routines that bring me pleasure makes my brain calmer and therefore more open to joy. This is a new revelation after just a few days of being on my metaphorical road trip.


    • Hmm – structure is an interesting concept for me as I tend to resist structure and routine. In his late teens my son once said that life is too long to do plan on doing anything the same way every day. He is his mother’s son. I’m happy it works for you Karen. I wonder though if my resistance isn’t from something deeper….


  2. Hi Janet! Okay, so obviously I am running a bit behind with catching up with your “joy challenge!” I did something similar a few years ago with gratitude…so I know how it can be extra work. But as I’m sure you are learning, just the focus on something so powerful is enough to make it all worthwhile. Joy to me lately is walking on the beach with my husband and my dog. So much to be happy and grateful for in my life. Thank you for the reminder and I’ll be checking back in more often. ~Kathy


    • Kathy – gratitude and joy are both so powerful if we allow ourselves to be in the moments. And what better than a beach. I live about 5 miles from gorgeous Lake Michigan but am learning to appreciate the moments in my backyard or biking along neighborhood streets on days I can’t get there.


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