Bit-of-Joy #10

EnJOY your day.Β 

A few years ago, in the midst of an imploding career and the fifth life reinvention, the common polite phrase, “Have a nice day” struck me.

I suddenly realized that the day — in all its promised messiness — was going to be what it was. I could sit passively and hope to ‘have a nice’ one and begrudge anything ‘not nice’ about it.

Or, I could be proactive — and ENjoy my day.

I have the power to infuse any day or moment with JOY.

So, every time I’m tempted to offer the passive, non-committal phrase “Have a nice day” to the person behind the counter or the other end of the phone, I try to catch myself and say, “Enjoy your day!”




  1. I like this Janet, and am stealing it as of this very moment. No more ‘nice days’ from me, ever. Enjoy your day is so much better – more active, more conducive to truly joyful days. thanks.


  2. I admit to a certain irritation with the nice day phrase – the lack of meaning in it mostly – enJoy is proactive self responsible and empowering- well done Janet – you have started something…


  3. I usually say ‘enjoy your day’, Janet and really it is up to us whether we enjoy it or just give up if the day is not going to plan. Thanks for the reminder of Joy and for sharing at #MLSTL. πŸ™‚


  4. That’s a great way to approach things Janet – I know that every work morning I pray for patience and kindness – not for a fabulous day – just for the right attitude – because that is what makes the day a lovely one (or at least a bearable one!)

    Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL – I’ve shared this on my SM x


  5. I love this modification of a trite expression. Not only is it a good way to address others, but I think it is also helpful to repeat to ourselves. It will help me find joy in the ordinary and live in the present.
    Pinning to my #MLSTL for constant (daily) reference!

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    • So true that this expression is a good reminder to self. I think that is why I’ve chosen to use it — ‘who are you trying to convince’ idea. Thanks for joining the conversation!


  6. Hi Janet, I really like that expression “Enjoy your day!”. To me the “Have a nice day” belongs with “How are you?” in that people often say it because it is so ingrained as part of a polite conversation but do they really care? Do they mean it? Just by what you have said I can tell you really mean it when you say Enjoy your day. You have thought it through and there is something to say about semantics.


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