Bit-of-Joy #11

Look within. Be still. Free from fear and attachment, know the sweet joy of living in the way. – Buddha

The various quotes I’ve gathered to share in this Bits-of-Joy in July series were gathered a few years ago when I actually had a business idea. Without going into detail on that, as part of my process, I searched the internet for quotes on JOY. The list has sat in my documents since 2015.

As I scroll through the list each morning to decide which quote I will share for the day, I have been struck by the wide variety of folks on the list: Buddha, Mother Teresa, Sri Sri, Deepak Chopra, Theodore Roosevelt, Brene Brown, Rumi, Joseph Campbell….the list goes on.

And the basic ideas remain the same:

  • Be still.
  • Look within.
  • Choose Joy.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Let go of fear.

Which leads me to wonder — if so many folks from different spiritual, political, social, and personal backgrounds are offering similar thoughts, can they all be wrong?

And if they are all moving in the same direction, how can we not believe – and practice what they preach?


  1. I don’t know how we can not believe and practice this basic human wisdom, but somehow we (humans) manage to ignore it and screw up our lives all the time by chasing the wrong things and thinking they will lead us to happiness. We never learn. Sigh. I used to have hope for us as a species but lately I admit I am discouraged.


  2. Agreeing with both you and Deb, Janet. I’m working on the ‘be still’ and ‘look within’ parts right now. Maybe people don’t practice what is preached because it’s hard to do. At least I’m finding it so.

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  3. how universal the truth is … some of us who have heard practice this – and it is a daunting practice and not for the faint hearted- I think the reason it is ignored is that the material world is so magnetic so pushy so dominant that few escape its clutches to find the space to be still and look within…


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