Bit-of-Joy #12

Connect to your Joy: You will always be able to connect to your JOY when you make choices that are nourishing, supportive, feel expansive & uplifting, speak to your heart, and feed your soul! – Unknown

Last night I stayed up late watching a silly program, ate too late, slept poorly, and am feeling like a ton of bricks this morning.

To make the choices that allow us to connect to our JOY, we must know what activities, foods, habits, and relationships nourish, support, expand, uplight, speak to our heart, and feed our souls.

Eating junk food too late does none of these things. Lesson learned? Perhaps.

Thankfully, I’m off to a relaxing day of doing whatever strikes my fancy. The wallpaper needing to be removed in the last of three rooms can wait….

What can you do today to connect to your joy?



  1. How appropriate! I did just as you did a couple of days ago and yesterday felt lousy. Tired, out of sorts, unable to do much of anything … and made at myself for the choices I made. Today is much better.
    Good for you for taking the day to relax. I hope it connected you to your joy.


    • Karen — don’t we all treat ourselves poorly sometimes? Thursday is my usual day off — today I enjoyed breakfast out with my husband, and then time by myself for a nice walk along the lake – stopping to read and take a nap. Hot with a great breeze. Water always brings me joy!


  2. A timely and much appreciated reminder Janet. I’m glad you got a chance to recoup your balance (and joy) today. I had the day off as well and had a wonderful time working on a project with my muse whispering in my ear.


    • Deborah – thanks for joining the conversation! Aren’t recoup days wonderful? I’m managing my ‘day job’ in such a way that I have a very balanced week most of the time – and am so grateful. The idea is to work on my book writing — that is slower in coming. 🙂


  3. how about this idea ??? that we acknowledge and honour that sometimes we do things that are less then ideal and that is ok too and perhaps even enjoyable. sometimes we eat junky stuff or watch or read rubbish and sometimes we stay up too late and wake groggy and out of sorts and is it really that big a deal . why not seek the enjoyment in this state – why not delight in our scruffy imperfect humanness and not think we have to be toeing a line all the time – otherwise why would we reach for this ‘comfort’ some times. on the other hand if you were living like this all the time… but I assume not, so when this aberration falls upon us lets embrace every drop of joy within it…


    • Yes indeed Deb! I do thoroughly enjoy these moments — it is simply the aftermath that isn’t always so pleasant. 🙂 I am certainly not one to always toe the line but, that said, your thoughts are a good reminder.


  4. Hi Janet! Yes I think we’d all agree that sometimes we make choices that aren’t in our highest best interest. But I do think that contrast is often helpful. While I don’t splurge too often, or do things that I KNOW I’m going to regret on a regular basis, sometimes that view makes me realize how great I normally have it and how awesome it feels to take care of myself. Learning to balance and see all perspectives is one way I find Joy! ~Kathy


    • Amen Kathy! Contrast is helpful as is balance. I’ve been experimenting over the last year or so with what ‘splurge’ feels awesome and what feels awful. I’m finding joy in the discovery of both!


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