Bit-of-Joy #15

Remember that your natural state is joy. – Wayne Dyer

If our natural state is joy – which I tend to agree with, what robs us of joy? What misdirects us? What keeps us from experiencing the joy that is ours?

I’m certain that sitting here, writing this blog post, I could list any number of culprits: painful experiences, betrayal, worry about the future, fear of the unknown, regrets of the past…

But, if we really stop to think about it, only CHOICE keeps us from joy. Joy is my choice. Joy is your choice. We have the power to choose to experience joy.

What is your choice today?


  1. Our attitude is the only thing we really have any control over. I try to choose a joyful attitude, whenever possible. I saw an artist in concert on Thursday night who is the definition of joy. Dave Grohl loves music and loves life, and it shows. He infected us all with his love of his life and his art.


  2. Definitely choosing joy, Janet – today and every day.

    I found another joy quote for you that you might not have in your collection. It’s the last two lines of a poem called Night-room from a book titled Lou-Lou by Selima Hill (2004)
    “All we have to do is nothing.
    All we have to do is ache with joy.”


  3. Hi Janet, today I woke in a irritable mood. I was tired from running 35km yesterday. Now i could have stayed in the irritable state, but I went to visit my MIL at her aged care home and one of the residents had no-one to post a letter for her. I offered to do it, (no big deal for me), but it made her day. I found that I made the choice to shake off the irritability and do something kind for someone else. Have a lovely day, Janet. xx


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