Bit-of-Joy #19

It is the broken road with pitfalls and sharp turns and unexpected traverses that has brought me joy and adventure. – Alice Walker

In midlife, we often begin to reflect on the life we’ve lived thus far. We are often faced with the question, “What’s next?”

Perhaps before we ask “what’s next” we might spend time some time in review of our broken road. As we reflect, particularly, on the moments of pain – the pitfalls and sharp turns – hindsight can bring new awarenesses of the positives that came from the negative.

The work I do – and thoroughly enjoy – and am quite good at – today would have never been possible without what I fondly refer to as my “Five Years of Failure” (2010-2015). I had three jobs where, in hindsight I realize, I made too many decisions rooted more in fear than acting proactively from a position of confidence and strength.

By embracing and owning my part in the pitfalls of those five years, I can let go of regret. And in letting go of regret, I can utilize the skills and experiences to offer much more to my clients.

In my broken road, I found joy.

How about you? Do you have an event or experience that you’ve always considered a negative that, if you reflect again, might be the root of today’s joy?



  1. What a lovely way of looking at things. So often experiences which we perceive as random and of no benefit turn out to be those which have taught us the best lessons and set us out on a new and inspiring road ahead. Thanks for commenting on my blog earlier, much appreciated πŸ™‚ Jo #MLSTL


    • Jo – I am delighted that you enjoyed my thoughts. I’ve certainly found many new and inspiring roads along my way! I’m thoroughly enjoying getting to know other bloggers — particularly through #MLSTL. Thanks for joining the conversation…


  2. Hi Janet,

    As I think you know, I’m currently doing a deep dive into my past using Julia Cameron’s book as a launching pad but going much further than that. I’ve actually been lagging on that project for more than a week. I’m only at age 11 and there’s so much to uncover and write about.

    Today’s bit of joy and your words have helped renew my energy for the task. I’m really hopeful that the review of my broken road will net me the awareness and the joy that you have found. Thanks, Janet.


    • Karen – perhaps you’re hitting the ‘troubled teen years’ — and facing some resistance to move forward with the project? LOL. I’m delighted that my words helped renew your energy…give yourself the time you need on this long winding roadtrip.


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