Bit-of-Joy #23

Make joy your compass today – Unknown

A magnetized compass offers direction in relation to true north — it is NOT a map or a set of instructions on how to get where you are going.

A geometrical compass measures distance between points and draws circles and arcs from a specific center.

From this perspective, if we allow joy to be our compass, it can either point us in the direction we want to go [follow your heart’s desire] or redirect us if we are lost OR it can help us recognize the boundaries within which we are called to find joy [be still and accept the moment – bloom where you are planted].

As with the actual physical compass instruments, the metaphorical compasses each serve a different purpose. Sometimes we are meant to find joy in the given moment and circumstance, but at other times we are led on an adventure driven by a yearning for possibility.

Both compasses, however, rely on a relationship to a specific point – true north or the center point. We will only find joy in relation to our authentic self.

Are you savoring life within the circumference of your authentic self or are you seeking your true north? With which compass do you find yourself at this point in your journey?




  1. When I saw the picture, I thought the geometric compass was a set of dividers, which are used to navigation by water, if you do not have a GPS. They fit in kind of the same way, in your analogy.

    In my journey, I am only using navigational aides to get to the next port. I am wandering, but I am definitely not lost.


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