Bit-of-Joy #25

Joy is portable – bring it with you. – Unknown

Thought this appropriate as I begin a full day of work while also preparing for a road trip that begins tomorrow.

On the surface – it makes sense that we can carry joy with us and share it with others. But this also made me think of how often we believe that we would be ‘happy if….’ If we had a different job, lived somewhere else, didn’t have toxic people in our lives, our bodies were stronger or healthier, etc. Again – the grass is greener concept.

We can certainly bring joy with us on our journey but sometimes finding joy in the tough places gives us the courage and strength to begin the journey away from that which is harmful or holding us back. If we can’t find joy within us, we might need to ask if it is the situation that is robbing our joy or if it is our perspective.



  1. If I hadn’t already grabbed the title ‘Profound Journey’ for my blog, Janet, I’d sure be recommending it to you. Today’s thought about joy, like most others through the month, is really profound. Your last sentence reminds me of a quote I’ve always loved – “Nothing has changed but my attitude. Everything has changed.”

    Enjoy your road trip.


    • Karen – delighted that you are finding the bits-of-joy profound and that they are resonating with you. These past few days I have found it tougher to find quotes that aren’t simple repetition of what I’ve already shared. I had to pick the longest month (literally and figuratively) of the dog days of summer to write a bit a day?! That said, trying to find an interesting and unique perspective on one word has led me to reflect in ways I haven’t in a long time. Thanks for joining in the conversation today…I’ll be posting from the road until July 31!


  2. How perfect Janet! Joy is portable. Such a positive way to look at bringing joy into our lives. Finding joy in tough places does take courage and strength. It is easy to give up or find anything positive when life gets tough and that is where even finding the smallest thing to be joyful about really helps. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us at #MLSTL and enjoy your day. xx


  3. I am learning to differentiate between joy and happiness. Happiness, I believe, is fleeting. It is completely dependent upon circumstances. Joy, on the other hand, is more permanent. It is dependent on our attitude toward life. I don’t have this mastered by any means… but I love your image of portable joy. Since we are leaving Friday for a family vacation (all 10 of us) this is an appropriate message this week 🙂 I will pin to #mlstl board for future encouragement


    • Molly – I am heading out on a trip today too. Mine will be 2/3 solo, so very different from 10! Indeed, remember joy is a permanent presence if we are open to it. Enjoy your trip!


  4. of course …another way of saying- it is byo – bring your own and when we all meet up here or there the joy will be magnified a hundredfold. great to hear that you are being stretched to consider in ‘other ways’ – great for us too.


  5. Joy is such a lovely concept Janet – so much deeper and more gratifying than simple happiness. I also find that it’s something we carry with us rather than waiting for the conditions to be right – my happiness tends to fluctuate whereas joy is soul deep.


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