It’s a Wrap!

I haven’t written a post since August 1st when I finished up my Bits-of-Joy in July and returned from my road-trip. The next morning I prepared to return the rental car — only to find it had been hit during the night. Fortunately, the person filed a police report but my ‘joy’ was tested.

I allowed myself the day to read and re-invigorate before facing the daunting task of tiling the bathroom tub surround. The plumber had removed a portion of the wall to replace pipes and install a new faucet weeks ago.

I allowed my trepidation to percolate while I traveled round trip to New York to move my son home, removed wallpaper and painted four rooms, met regularly with 54 clients (remotely), offered daily blog posts throughout July, and traveled round trip to California. Nothing left to do – except face the inevitable bathroom project!

pipes exposed
The plumber replaced the pipes.
frp board
I measured repeatedly and researched extensively, how to tile over the FRP board.
I inserted the sheetrock to complete the wall
bathroom membrane
After removing the FRP board, I cemented the waterproof membrane to the wall.
wet saw box
Fretted over how to cut tiles to fit the pipe holes. Until I finally pulled out the saw to get to work.
missing switch
Only to find the on/off switch lock missing. Unusable.
tile cutter saw
Three trips to Home Depot to finally get a working tile wet saw.
tile with faucets
But I managed – in 9.5 hours, to tile the entire surround 30 in x 60 in x 30 in horizontal — 90 in vertical.


I must say that I’m proud of myself. The work is certainly not perfect — but the bathroom will soon be both refreshed and usable – with a few crooked tiles.Β 

What began at the end of May as a ‘summer house flipping’ project to relocate my husband and me to the main floor to re-purpose upstairs to welcome our eldest son (21) home – and continuing housing an international student from China. Apart from sorting and storing the tools that are inhabiting the basement, and hanging some photos, my 2018 summer to-do list is complete!

How about you? Did you have a summer to-do list? Have you made any progress?


  1. Well done Janet and the bathroom tiling looks great! You certainly did so much in July that you probably needed some down time. Although, it might have been frustrating at times, your tiling project might have been just what you needed – staying home and also getting stuck into a project with beautiful outcomes. Have a great week and next time I need my bathroom tiled, I might give you a call. It would mean a visit to Australia, though LOL πŸ™‚


  2. Colour me impressed, Janet! I was just a few minutes ago thinking about my desire to redo my small bathroom. But, for me, that means making a call and hiring someone. I wouldn’t dream of taking it on myself. I’m super impressed that you did – and that it turned out so well. Something to be proud of for sure.


    • I replastered the walls and hung the new ceiling on this bathroom two years ago – but with limited funds had put up the white FRP board — so this was the final touch. Perhaps taking on your bathroom is an ‘out-of-comfort zone’ project when your virtual road trip is over? I’d be happy to coach you through it… πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Janet! Ad me to your list of fans!!!! I’m so impressed you took this on and did it yourself. My husband is pretty handy but he was shaking his head when I mentioned it. We both decided we would love to put you up if you wanted to come and tile ours! πŸ™‚ And wow…you did it after such a busy summer. I’m afraid I have only managed to keep up with my blog and my most of my regular activities. You have me beat by a mile! ~Kathy


  4. Bravo! Now you can appreciate your handiwork everyday. And if you’d paid a professional, you would have noticed their mistakes too. It looks great!

    Everything on my to-do list has been pushed aside to move my mom into assisted living. But, it will all get done eventually… πŸ’•


  5. I can’t believe you tackled that by yourself – and you did a fantastic job! I’m so not brave when it comes to stuff like that – so you have my utmost respect! Is there anything you can’t do???


    • Perhaps a comfort-zone challenge for you then Leanne? It really is not rocket science – but it takes muscle, patience, and the right tools! I don’t ascribe to the ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’ cliche — because I couldn’t be an NFL player or ballet dancer even if I tried, but working with my hands for projects that I can clearly see progress is a great balance for the ‘day job’ that keeps me in my head, on the phone, and in front of a computer….as my website ‘about’ section reads – “Jan of many trades, master of a few…”


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