Book Review: Journaling Toward Wholeness: A 28-Day Plan to Develop a Journaling Practice

I’ve been a bit remiss in the posting of my book reviews, primarily because I read one book that I would rather not recommend. When this happens, I don’t like to call out the book. I’ve also been spending time trying to get my business book for nonprofits written by mid-December.

But the other night, I decided to check out the published book of Molly Totoro, a fellow blogger friend: Journaling Toward Wholeness: A 28-Day Plan to Develop a Journaling Practice.

I read it quickly to get a picture of the whole program, and promptly posted this review on Goodreads:

Molly has managed to pull together, in a concise and engaging manner, a comprehensive guide to journal writing. As someone who has journaled off and on for most of my life, this guide has offered new insights into how I can move beyond the simple brain dump diary to inspire personal reflection.

While it is an easy read for a general understanding of journaling, this 28-Day Plan might also become a lifetime companion.

If you are looking for a guide to writing that will lead to self-awareness, self-acceptance, and confidence — this is the book for you!

For those of us who enjoy Molly’s weekly posts, with insights that spark meaningful conversation – this is a must read.


    • Jacqui – that’s so interesting that you didn’t enjoy journaling since you are a writer. But I do think that everyone finds their own way to reflect, process, share, and reach self-acceptance. I hope if journaling wasn’t yours, you found something else to support you!


  1. I’m going to check out Molly’s page. I do bullet journalling ie one sentence a day pretty well, but this also appeals…plus it’s a great excuse for more notebooks 😉


  2. I am an off-again on-again journaler. Although I have kept a journal since I was a teenager, sometimes months will go by between entries. However, I know I will always turn to my journal in order to write my way through emotionally difficult situations.



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