Winter Bucket List – Wellness

As some of you might know, I launched a 101 Things in 1095 Days on October 31, 2018 – focusing primarily on my professional and writing life. In that spirit, when Christie Hawkes at So What? Now What? mentioned the Seasonal Link Up she participates in – I thought I’d join in.

I’d like these seasonal goals to focus on season-specific wellness – particularly to thrive in what can often be filled with ‘winter blues’.

  • Step into some fresh air – no matter how cold it is outside
  • Go for a walk/ride every day the sun shines, even if very short
  • Don’t rush into my work day – rise at least an hour before my first client call
  • Listen to music while doing kitchen chores
  • Spend 20 minutes-a-day on a jigsaw puzzle
  • Read fiction 3-4 times a week
  • Enjoy a daily cup of tea – away from all electronics
  • Bake weekly – tapping into one of my first loves

I’m hoping that sharing my bucket list with the blog-o-sphere encourages me to make self-care a priority this winter.




    • Lydia, I hope that some of my ideas help you through the season. I try to focus on the gift of dormancy that winter represents – looking forward to the newness of spring. Thanks for joining the conversation!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out Janet. I’m really happy that you joined us. Your list is inspirational, specifically for those of us that get the winter blues. I often complain it’s too cold to go out, but really, as long as you dress appropriately, temperature should rarely be a deterrent. I’ll be watching for your monthly updates. Happy winter!


    • Christie – thanks for the invite to join! I’ve been working on being more appreciative of all forms of weather — and not labelling it as ‘yucky’, ‘crummy’ etc. I was just saying to my husband that “with the right tools” I can still get outside for fresh air and exercise. I’ll reserve the extended exercise for the treadmill in my basement workout space. 🙂


  2. Hey Janet,
    So glad you found our bucket lists through Christie! Would love to add you to the email I send out with the link-up codes and announcements/reminders. If you are interested, please email me at We will blog about our progress on 01.21 and 02.21 so hope you will join in for those posts, too.
    I found myself nodding to all of the items on your list. Getting sunshine is so important everyday but especially in the winter. I have a jigsaw puzzle on my dining room table gathering dust. Need to get back at it. I have been getting up earlier in order to enjoy a cup of coffee and some quiet time reading and writing before starting my day. Over the past month, my life has been rather upside down but look forward to starting back on my morning routine tomorrow!
    I host a virtual reading club if you are interested in joining. We read fiction. At least have only read fiction together to this point. We are currently reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.
    Welcome to our group! Thank you for linking up with us! Happy new year.


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