101 Things Quarterly Update

In October 2018, I created my first 101 Things in 1095 that launched on Oct 31. Today I offer my first quarterly update (a few days late).

 I’ve highlighted my progress in red. I’m only a few months in…and as I said in my original post, I hope to complete these in 3 years so that when I’m ready to begin my 60th year (4 years from now) I will have hopefully completed at least a portion of them. Because hey, life happens…


I am challenging myself to up my professional game:

Fundraising Coaching

  1. Blog professionally (2x/month) for 2018-19
  2. Blog professionally (2x/month) for 2019-20
  3. Blog professionally (2x/month) for 2020-21
    1. Offer monthly Rafflecopter type contest for a free coaching session to a nonprofit org?

                                              Which do you prefer?

  4. Finish research for business book
  5. Write Chapter 1
  6. Write Chapter 2
  7. Write Chapter 3
  8. Write Chapter 4
  9. Write Chapter 5
  10. Write Chapter 6
  11. Write Chapter 7
  12. Write Chapter 8
  13. Write Chapter 9
  14. Write Chapter 10
  15. Edit business book (Almost finished editing Ch 1 -8)
  16. Send to beta-readers
  17. Review beta-reader comments
  18. Edit business book – Secured the services of a professional editor! She’s ready and waiting. 🙂
  19. Prep for publication
  20. Create calendar to complement business book
  21. Market/promote services and book
  22. Explore new coaching niches to broaden my services percolating a few ideas – and spoke at a conference in Florida as one step in the right direction. Scheduled for another presentation in April.

 Writing – Author Platform

Being self-employed allows me the flexibility to develop my writing life. I’ve always wanted to be a published author and to write for a living. I’m grateful for the time I have to further study the craft, develop my voice, and prepare for the next phase in life. If you’ve read my guest posts (Starting Over: Why She Left the Convent to Embrace Change or Terrifying Questions) you’ll understand how many twists and turns my life has taken and why I feel the need to be ready for the next phase.


  1. Figure out Pinterest
  2. Figure out why Mailchimp doesn’t connect well to my blog – make needed adjustments
  1. Blog weekly “Midlife Musings” in 2018-19 – Missed the last few weeks because of a huge project – but will return to the Heroine’s Journey soon.
  2. Blog weekly “Midlife Musings” in 2019-20
  3. Blog weekly “Midlife Musings” in 2020-21
  4. Blog weekly in “In the Kitchen” in 2018-2019
  5. Blog weekly in “In the Kitchen” in 2019-2020
  6. Blog weekly in “In the Kitchen” in 2020-2021
  7. Complete A-Z Challenge 2019 – 26 blogs
  8. Complete A-Z Challenge 2020 – 26 blogs
  9. Complete A-Z Challenge 2021 – 26 blogs


  1. Submit at least 2 articles per month to publications – Submitted only two so far – both rejected so I posted them on Medium.com (see below)
  2. If publication submissions are rejected, post them to Medium.com (Posted several – and have made $2.25 on one of them) – Feeling encouraged and eager to return to the writing.

#37- 63 Non-fiction Writing No further progress on The Radical Heart yet.

#64-71 Fiction WritingIn messy progress since 2012 but on hold for now. 


 And because life isn’t all work and no play – and I know the importance of enjoying life, I am embracing elements of relaxation, exercise, and gratitude in action.


Cat puzzle

  1. Finish 4-6 Jigsaw puzzles. Already finished 3 – see my post on Winter Wellness Bucket List Update
  2. Roller-skating on any 5th Tuesdays of the month – not in this weather
  3. Make (and use) prayer stool
  4. Read 20 novels in 2019 – Actually set my Goodreads.com goal to read 75 books total this year. Only on my 2nd novel.
  5. Read 20 novels in 2020
  6. Read 20 novels in 2021
  7. Read 12 nonfiction books in 2019 – Finished 3 already. In the middle of reading 4 others. Three of those are for my 12-week blog series on the Heroine’s Journey. I’ve missed a few weeks due to a huge client project.
  8. Read 12 nonfiction books in 2020
  9. Read 12 nonfiction books in 2021

Gratitude in Action

  1. Find a ‘cause’ or organization to volunteer for regularly – percolating
  2. Proofread husband’s doctoral thesis – Working on it now – as he finishes each chapter. Final paper due by April 1.

Physical Activity: Consistent activity

winter walk

  1. Engage in moderate aerobic activity at least 5 days a week – Spurred on by my Winter Wellness Bucket List, I’ve managed walks almost daily.

Enjoy bike trails around Chicago – NOT in sub-zero, record low, -47 degree weather.

  1. North branch – 33.5 miles
  2. Des Plaines – 54.8 miles
  3. Major Taylor – 7 miles
  4. Greenbay – 8.9 miles
  5. Illinois Prairie Path – 61 miles
  6. All forest preserves


  1. Use reward points to take vacation – somewhere, with husband Nothing yet – but looking towards spring or summer
  2. Visit Hong Kong (China) – with my daughter?


With the hope that I will not need to work until I’m 900, I hope to address critical areas that need attention BEFORE I am ready to retire, so that when I do – I can truly enjoy life.

#92-98 House Projects – Planning as spring or summer projects

  1. Paint living room
  2. Repair front porch
  3. Enclosed back porch – insulate and re-plaster
  4. Fire pit – convert to brick insert
  5. Build back patio
  6. Insulate and drywall basement ceiling
  7. Basic upgrades to basement bathroom

Personal Finances

  1. Establish will, trust, power of attorney – Paperwork in draft form. Should be completed this month.
  2. Pay OFF credit card debt – slowly but surely – making more than minimum payments.

Finally, I hope that my journey

  1. Inspire one other person to create a 101 Things in 1001 Days List

 Not sure –

Have you been inspired?




  1. If by inspired, you mean exhausted–yes! A couple caught my attention that are also on my TODO list:

    Figure out Pinterest
    Figure out why Mailchimp doesn’t connect well to my blog – make needed adjustments

    If you ever figure those out, do post.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yes I am completely inspired, Janet! You have achieved so much and still have many interesting projects on the go. Congratulations on working on your book. I would love to write one but at the moment I’m not in the right mindset. What problem do you have with Mailchimp? I use a WordPress plugin for Mailchimp and haven’t experienced any issues. I can help you with Pinterest so just let me know. Enjoy your day and thank you for inspiring me!


    • Sue – thanks so much for your kind words. With Mailchimp I don’t believe that those who sign up for my blog for email get announcements. I am not sure if it is the wordpress.com vs. .org issue. When I come up for air from my editing and writing projects, I’ll dig into it – same with Pinterest. Thanks so much for offering to help. I’ll certainly reach out when the time comes! Thanks for joining the conversation.


  3. Janet, OMG, you are juggling so many writing projects! I could never keep them all in the air. And you very much inspire me … in a few ways. The latest…getting out in that bitter Chicago cold to keep up your movement goals!


    • Pat – the writing has been happening over many years – but I’ve decided to hunker down and focus on one at a time to actually get them done! Today was a warm 46 degrees so I headed out on my bike! Thanks for joining the conversation.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Janet! Oh my! You are a busy woman! I do agree that having a list can be motivating but a “deadline” doesn’t really motivate me, it often freaks me out. I tend to take on smaller goals weekly and/or monthly…like right now my goals for February is to put our taxes together and get them to the accountant. That works better for me. I also have my annual “intentions’ written out but they tend to be more general in nature than you have. I did try to do a “60 for 60” back when I turned 60 a couple of years ago and managed to complete most of them. But thankfully at my current age of 63 I am attempting to follow my inner guidance about what to do rather than all the shoulds I put on myself in the past. Does that make sense? I’m not sure I will be anywhere as productive as you will be but I’m guessing it will allow me to stay more content and happy. Let’s compare notes in the future!!! ~Kathy


    • Kathy,
      I understand what you mean about deadlines causing stress, but I tend to have a bit of attention deficit — I get easily distracted, love to ‘multi-task’, and tend to procrastinate. Because this 1095 days is self-imposed and I just hope to get these things done before I begin my 60th year (59th birthday) – which is 1460 days, I feel no pressure. I think a big difference too is that I am not retired and still have 1 of 3 children reliant on us for a few more years – so much of this is related to my ‘making a living’. My hope is that by the time I am ready to retire my ‘things’ list will be much more about relaxing and enjoying life with a smaller ‘to-do’. I eliminated ‘should’ from my personal vocabulary years ago — it is all about choice for me. If anything on any list I create stops contributing to my happiness, I let it go. Of course, paying down debt isn’t fun but contributes to my rightsizing and future enjoyment…looking forward to comparing notes in the future! Thanks for joining the conversation.


  5. heck yes, I’m inspired! I’ve been doing so much behind the scenes of our family business I have crossed almost nothing off my list, but then I probably didn’t put the right things on my list!


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