Winter Wellness Update #2

As some of you might know, I launched a 101 Things in 1095 Days on October 31, 2018 – focusing primarily on my professional and writing life. In that spirit, when Christie Hawkes at So What? Now What? mentioned the Seasonal Link Up she participates in – I thought I’d join in.

I wanted these seasonal goals to focus on season-specific wellness – particularly to thrive in what can often be filled with ‘winter blues’.

  • Step into some fresh air – no matter how cold it is outside
    • Can you say Polar Vortex? The fresh air managed to get inside – LOL. I hunkered down for the most extreme 36 hours.
  • Go for a walk/ride every day the sun shines, even if very short
    • Except for a three-day stretch where I was fighting a cold, I’ve still ventured out for quick bike rides or walks. I’m fortunate to live within 2 miles of about 6 Starbucks, a library, the bank, and several grocery stores. And I’ve continued my ‘work venue destinations’ I began in the summer – targeting a walking distance Starbucks to get out of the house for a few hours.
  • Don’t rush into my work day – rise at least an hour before my first client call
    • Still on track here: Meditation music, a sun lamp and jigsaw puzzles to welcome my day.grape puzzle
  • Cat puzzle
  • Listen to music while doing kitchen chores
    • My husband has been handling kitchen duty most days!
  • Spend 20 minutes-a-day on a jigsaw puzzle (See above)
  • Read fiction 3-4 times a week – I’ve gotten in at least two days of fiction reading in each of the last few weeks. I’ve also read MANY nonfiction books. Enjoyed The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry.
  • Fikry cover
  • Enjoy a daily cup of tea – away from all electronics – sometimes during my morning routine, other times with my fiction reading.
  • Bake weekly – tapping into one of my first loves – still trying to finish my book project and a huge client project before digging into weekly baking. This will need to move to my Spring list. 

Despite the cold and dark of the winter, I’m proud of myself for staying focused on taking care of myself and connecting with nature this winter.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.


  1. Hi Janet, good for you as I imagine a long, cold winter could be depressing and it would be easy to hibernate. Your post is the second one I’ve read this morning that mentions the Polar Vortex. Here in Australia we have had heatwaves and the humidity has been unbearable. I’m glad to see you are taking some time to enjoy reading and a cuppa. The jigsaws are a test of patience I’m sure when trying to find that ‘one piece’. Lately I’ve been thinking about buying one for myself as I think I would enjoy it but finding a spot for it has me pondering and also I wouldn’t want to pull it apart once I was finished! Hope Spring arrives soon for you. xx


    • Sue – the polar vortex wasn’t really as bad as they predicted- but perhaps that’s because we were more than prepared. I was mostly concerned for those living outdoors, but for the most part they seem to have found shelter. Heat and humidity are tough! I can bundle up to stay warm but you just can’t take off your skin when it is hot!
      I have always loved jigsaw puzzles. I’m happy to be back in the habit of enjoying them. My new twist is to see how many pieces I can place with my nondominant right hand. Puzzles are great for keeping your mind sharp but this why they help with my dexterity too. I separate into a few paper plates by 4 general color schemes to get started and go from there so I never spread further than my 27×22 in board. I don’t have room for anything more. 🙂
      One more month to Spring…stay cool. Thanks for joining the conversation.


  2. I love your commitment to these goals! I’m not quite ready to brave the cold to my nearest Starbucks… I do venture out to walk the Basset. I’ve missed very few days this winter and mostly due to impassible sidewalks and streets 🙂

    I read The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry last year and liked it. My fiction reading is now focused on “dual timeline” novels. I really enjoy seeing how the stories of the past relate to the present.


    • Molly, you probably walk just as far with your Bassett as I do to get to Starbucks. The closest one is 1.2 miles away. You’re really doing great with your movement goals too.
      I enjoy dual timeline novels too – but I usually find my next fiction find on the ‘new arrivals’ shelf at the library. I ‘m due for another visit – perhaps tomorrow.
      Thanks for joining the conversation.

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    • Sorry for the delay in responding – I’ve been swamped. I even skipped two days of my morning routine and FELT the difference. Don’t want to let that happen again! I am enjoying winter more since I’m intent on appreciating the cold! Attitude makes a difference, doesn’t it? Thanks for joining the conversation.


    • Ah yes – inspiring, but the baking can be dangerous to the ‘wellness’ goal. I ate an entire pan of brownies in 24 hours while bogged down in a project. Yikes! Thanks for joining the conversation – and sorry for the delayed response.


  3. I believe it takes a lot of purpose and mindfulness, Janet, your list looks doable and keeps you busy and motivated! Even in California, the cold and gray days can be a serious detriment to motivation. I think we are all ready for spring!


    • Terri – I remember the cold and gray of the San Francisco East Bay — I certainly prefer 0 degrees and sunny! The goals have been very motivating for me — and skipping the morning routine two days this week makes me KNOW how much I do enjoy and need it! Thanks for joining the conversation.

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  4. So glad you found this series through Christy. Look at all you have accomplished and the ways you are making life more pleasurable and intentional. I thoroughly enjoy waking an hour early to have some quiet time with the kitties in my loft. The actual act of waking up, not so much, but once I am out of bed, I am so glad to be!

    Yay to working puzzles. I did complete one in the fall. But have now moved a mosaic I am working on to the table where I did the puzzle. Hoping by having it there, I will get it finished.

    I am not sure what kind of job you do. Checked your about page but that didn’t job my memory. Do you work fulltime? From home? Glad the hubs has been handling kitchen duty. I do all of the cooking here but PC has upped his game when it comes to cleaning up after meals. Grateful for that help.

    Starbucks seem to be on every corner around here where there isn’t already a Walgreens, dollar store of some sort, and an urgent care clinic. I could walk to two of them, too. But can’t afford to make that a habit. Ha!!

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    • Thanks so much for your encouragement on keeping my goals. Hope you post a pic of your mosaic when you’ve finished. As for what I do for work, I’m a strategy and fundraising coach to small nonprofits across the country. I work mostly remotely. As an independent consultant I set my own schedule to fit into Mon-Wed and every other Friday – and no clients during the 5th week of any month. Love the schedule and the work. If you want to check out my business website: Thanks for your interest – and for joining the conversation.


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