This Morning, I Came Up for Air

I’m not sure if any of you have noticed that I’ve not been as active as usual in the blog-o-sphere over the last few weeks. I had been working towards (and included in my 101 Things in 1095 Days) the habit of posting a general blog, an In-the-Kitchen blog, and a Book Review each week. When I jumped into the Heroine’s Journey series, I thought I could keep this up.

But then a few deadline-driven projects took over.

And since, like everyone else, I only have 24 hours in a day, I had to make choices. While the projects aren’t quite finished, they are on track to be finished by the deadline and so, today, I came up for air.

I’m happy to report that I didn’t let the projects totally consume me:

I’ve practiced my morning Winter Wellness routine. The 2 days I skipped because I slept in a bit, I MISSED it so much! I’ll think twice before making that choice again.

Last night when I wrapped up a portion of the project, I caught up on reading many of the blog posts I’ve missed. I couldn’t comment on all of them – but I sure enjoyed catching up. I didn’t realize how much I feel like I’m in conversation with my blogging friends each week – until I didn’t ‘hear’ from you because I wasn’t checking my inbox.

I missed the insight and inspiration you all share!

I’m hoping that over the next few weeks (with the project still on track) I can juggle reading at least one or two blogs each day (my new mini-goal) so they don’t stack up.

3D-Logo.1 (2)

This morning, I also took some time to attend a workshop on a topic I’ve been mulling over for months, if not years – branding (for nonprofit coaching business). I enjoyed the workshop and brought home a few key takeaways that I hope to implement in the coming months.

Janalie me and Madison

I look forward to my daughter coming home for an extended school break (March 2-17) – so if my time choices are between the blog-o-sphere and enjoying some quality time with her – she’ll win! Since she’s just shy of 16, those opportunities are very rare.

With her returning to school and the projects all coming due in late March, I’m aiming to join the AtoZ Challenge again this year – for the one-year anniversary of my blogging journey.

I hope that when I return to my regular posting, linking to Midlife Share the Love, and commenting on your blogs – that you’ll still all be there, ready to join the conversation.

Now, back under the deadline…


  1. One thing I admire about you is your clear ability to prioritize. I had a conversation with a coworker today that started simply with “How are you?” And became a chat about losing a parent and how it feels to wish you’d spent more real quality time with the people you love. And I realize, as I’m writing this, that my child and husband are playing a game of catch before bedtime and I’m missingit. So… I gotta go. 🙂


  2. Hi, Janet – You’ve hit the nail on the head about the magic of blogging. For me, that magic is precisely the conversation with friends from around the world. Like you, when I am off-line, this is what I miss the most. When you are ready to return to your regular posting, I will be here waiting for the catch up!


  3. Janet, I’ve never been a stickler for “you must post on Tuesday and Thursday”. I try and post weekly…but thinking not this week unless one of my drafts has an inspirational moment. I understand the ups and downs and pulls on your time. Life happens… and sometimes those are great things and sometimes more challenging. Of course, YES, spend time with your daughter! And I cannot believe you’re going to jump into A toZ again next month! I recall last year how hard it was to just keep up reading my blogging buddies who did it…much less write as well. Good luck with that writing challenge!


  4. how lovely to see you back! You are always inspirational. I am having trouble getting back to my morning routine and it’s still warm and sultry where I live…perhaps when it cools off a little…excuses, excuses, lol. Enjoy your time with your daughter. so precious!


  5. Hi Janet! Good for you for even writing this post with all you have going on. Although we all love to hear from you, we also realize that we all have lives going on behind the scenes and must balance our priorities based upon those. Let’s never, ever make ourselves crazy and resentful about having to post and/or comment. The people who are our friends (like me!), and appreciate our work (like me!), will always be there when we have time. Enjoy your visit with your daughter. ~Kathy


    • Thanks Kathy! I have moved well beyond making myself crazy over anything that isn’t about the health and safety of my family. And even then I don’t go crazy, I just make it a priority. :). Thanks for being so supportive and for joining the conversation.


  6. I’m only now catching up with all things bloggy – February has been a bit like that. You’d be right in the middle of your daughter’s break by now so I hope you’re enjoying it.


  7. Hello Janet! Nice to “see” you again. Prioritizing projects, blogging, family, and work is an ongoing challenge for me too. I guess that’s the nature of having a full life. I’m happy to hear that you’ve kept up with your winter wellness. Self-care always has to remain at the top of the list and makes all the other stuff possible. Enjoy these last few weeks of winter–then on to spring. Yea!


    • Christie – you are so right about self-care and having a full-life. I skipped walking/biking a few times over the last few weeks and boy do I feel it. It is so easy to slip back into sedintary patterns when cloudy cold weather is an excuse. Looking forward to being finished with this project and welcoming Spring, but glad I could get it done during the cold, dark winter months. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. 🙂


  8. You sound incredibly busy, Janet! Isn’t it “rude” of life always taking over the projects we really want to do? I’m struggling with the same decisions and priorities now and barely feel like I can breathe. So, enjoy your time with your daughter and I’ll try to do the same with the state of Arizona. Once our errands in Phoenix are finished. Like you, I’m on track with my big projects, so I should allow myself to take it a bit easier the rest of the month. And, yes, the blogging will have to suffer for that.


    • Liesbet, hope your Phoenix errands went well. I just dropped my daughter at the airport and am playing catch up on blogging comments. The project looms large but with an April 1 deadline, I see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m following your progress on your book — good luck with that! Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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