Will You Walk for Water?

Many of my friends in the blogging and social media world share their efforts to stay healthy – through walking, running, and other forms of exercise. Such a simple, inexpensive habit – good for body and soul.

One of my Winter Wellness Bucket List items was to re-engage with my walking habit. Some weeks I walked more than others, but for the most part the last two weeks I’ve been less active than I’d like.

So when a former nonprofit client of mine shared about the upcoming Worldwide Walk for Water week — I thought it’d be a great opportunity to get moving more.

Then I realized, maybe some others would want to join us. The great thing is – you can register without spending a penny! But if you do want to make a donation, your walking does good for you — and so many more. 
As winter fades and spring slowly creeps in (63 degrees and sunny yesterday, 30 and cloudy today) – I hope to dig out of the cave around my computer screen – although my project is still full-steam ahead, with light at the end of the tunnel…I’ve committed to 30 miles this week. Will you join me?
p.s. I receive no benefits from this walk and this nonprofit is NOT a paying client for me. I just believe that this is a great way to help every step make a difference. 


You can make a difference…


WorldWide Walk for Water

Over 2,000 people die every day from unclean water and thousands are walking an average of 4 miles a day to fetch water.

March 16-22, 2019



    • Jacqui – yes, when I was working with this client I suggested she work with schools to promote the project. Such a simple concept to promote support for a serious health issue for everyone involved. Somehow I can’t get passed the idea that there are people who don’t have clean water to drink. Thanks for joining the conversation.


    • Donna – isn’t it a great project – and so simple to implement support — no matter where we walk we can be conscious of the fact that others still don’t have clean water to drink. Unfortunately, this includes Flint MI and other nearby cities. Somehow this feels as meaningful as signing a petition. Awareness is at least one ‘step’ towards a solution. Thanks for joining the conversation.


  1. Hi Janet! Good for you for spreading the word about this great project. For those of us who have good drinking water, it is really difficult to even imagine what it would be like without it. Every time we travel to another country–like Vietnam/Cambodia where we visited over the holidays–I am deeply reminded of how much I take it for granted. There will be a walk here locally where I live, and like you mentioned to others, it is tied into the local schools. How great is that? Even though I love to walk I will be out of town that weekend so I can’t participate…but we can ALWAYS contribute right? ~Kathy


    • Hey Kathy – the great thing about this organization is that they encourage everyone to make their steps count, regardless of where, when, and with whom you are walking. I am continually taken aback by the absurdity of how much money is wasted in this world that could provide easy fixes to these types of basic need problems. The one that baffles me most is Flint, MI. Don’t get me started 🙂 Thanks for joining the conversation.


  2. Now that’s a great initiative to pick up or extend your walking goals, Janet. Walking in nature is my favorite exercise. These days, it’s causing sore muscles and stiff bones, though. 🙂 Water is precious and I hope more and more people in the Western world will take notice.

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    • Liesbet – I totally sympathize with the sore muscles and stiff bones! Imagine if we HAD to walk 3.7 miles just for water to survive. We can’t change the entire situation, but I do think every bit helps. Thanks for joining the conversation.

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