Spring Wellness (Winter Update #3) Bucket List

Winter Update #3

For 2+ months I kept on target with my Winter Wellness goals, except for baking — but the last few weeks have been a bit tougher as my ‘big project’ deadline nears (April 1).

  • Step into some fresh air – no matter how cold it is outside – Most days!
  • Go for a walk/ride every day the sun shines, even if very short – Missed about half. all.
  • Don’t rush into my work day – rise at least an hour before my first client call – Late nights meant late morning rising. A few times I barely skimmed 10 minutes before my morning calls started.
  • Listen to music while doing kitchen chores – Still a yes!
  • Spend 20 minutes-a-day on a jigsaw puzzle – missed two days – and noticed. But transitioning from this into ‘spring’ activities – see list below.
  • Read fiction 3-4 times a week – nope but lots of non-fiction to support the project. Did finish reading one novel!
  • Enjoy a daily cup of tea – away from all electronics – hit and miss.
  • Bake weekly – tapping into one of my first loves – postponed until post-project offers more time – that said, the ‘baking bug’ may have passed. We’ll see how spring goes.

Spring Wellness Bucket List

  • Transition back into my 3-season porch office space.
  • Transition morning 20-min jigsaw puzzle, SAD lamp, and meditation music routine to meditative journalling in my 3-season porch office with a cup of tea.
  • Beginning April 1, rise with the sunlight hour in the morning.
  • Walk/bike to run errands not REQUIRING a car because of ‘load’, distance (beyond about 5 miles one way) or scheduling location conflicts.
  • Push my ‘work destination’ venues to be increasingly further points from home – aim to increase from 2-4 mile roundtrip to consistent 10-12 mile roundtrip.
  • Carry a coloring book in my bike bags – for ‘relaxation’ breaks during workday instead of ‘social media’ sprints.
  • Transition jigsaw puzzle to evening downtime with hubby in front of tv (not that he’ll join me in puzzling) – to reduce late night computer use. Can I close my computer by 10 pm?

I love to watch Chicago come alive during Spring. Do you enjoy transitioning to more activity at this time of year?


  1. So glad to have you join us with your thoughtful list. I am waking up earlier, too, and so enjoy that magical morning time when it is too early for phone calls or interruptions. Just bought a new $1 300-piece puzzle to begin work on. Come over and we can sip tea and work on it together!

    Great goal to start riding your bike on mini-excursions. Although, 5 miles one way would be a pretty ambitious for me. When we went to Paris in 2009, I came back saying I would be riding my bike everywhere, like the Parisian women, in heels no less. Yeah, didn’t happen! I know you will have much better luck.

    High five…I am carrying a coloring book these days, too!! Mexican art with colored pencils. So enjoyable and brings me peace and moments of tranquility.

    Closing down my lap top at 9 pm is a wellness goal. I am 2 minutes late. Over and out!!

    Thank you for joining us!

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    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words. The bike-riding has already been building but my transition is to become more a commuter cyclists than just joy-riding. Even through the winter I’ve been getting in 2-4 miles when weather aloud. Good luck on your 9 pm laptop close. I don’t know if I’ll make it to closing at 10 pm, but we’ll see. Thanks for joining the conversation!


  2. SO impressed with your dedication to a healthy lifestyle, Janet! I’m not sure I will ever get to the daily 10-12 mile adventure… but I am looking forward to warmer temperatures and getting back to my 5k morning walk several times a week 🙂

    I have maintained my novel reading goal. I recently discovered a love of the “dual timeline” genre and savor about a book a week. I’m hoping to continue this pace throughout the spring and summer by eliminating television re-runs from my evening routine.

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  3. As I mentioned before, I was very taken by your winter list of self-care. I think you did quite well. Like you, I am so looking forward to spring and being able to get out more without having to bundle up or hurry home before it gets dark. Yeah spring!

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    • Thanks for your encouragement Christie! Today felt like 23 degrees – so I’m still looking forward to warmer temps. But I managed to get out for a walk in the sunshine. Yeah Spring!


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