A-to-Z Challenge 2019: Holistic Self-care

Holistic Self-Care: Mind, Body, Spirit

Hurray – I’ve made the April 1 deadline that has been consuming my time! And now, I’m up for another time consuming project for April – the A-to-Z Challenge!

In case you’ve never heard of it, the A-to-Z Challenge is a blogging challenge to write 26 posts during the month of April. Basically, one-a-day excluding Sundays. Each day is a letter of the alphabet and many bloggers follow a specific theme. I joined for the first time last year with a Finding Your Voice theme. This year, I’m hoping to offer VERBS that will support self-care.

If you follow my blog, this means you may get a daily alert (I’m not sure if my email alters actually work). If the mood hits you, please join the conversation by leaving a comment or liking the post.

Stay tuned for a daily dose of self-care VERBS.


  1. I haven’t participated in the A-Z for a couple of years. April is such a busy month in my world and this year will be no exception.

    I love your theme and self-care is a topic that’s been top of mind lately. I hope to be back here as often as I can over the next few weeks!


    • Joanne, I totally understand the ‘why not’ to participate in AtoZ – it is time consuming! This is my second year, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m delighted that my theme resonates with you. I hope my thoughts along the way help inspire your own self-care. Stop by when you can. Thanks for joining the conversation.

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  2. working a bit backward in commenting… love the theme. I’ve actually drafted a self-care blog (coming later this month), so it will be interesting to see what your verbs are in the area. I certainly do not have 26 things on my list!


    • Pat, I’ll be interested to read your self-care blog! I think it is a theme that resonates with many. I hope I have some positive, inspiring ideas to share along the way. Thanks for joining the conversation.

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