AtoZ Holistic Self-care: H…I…J is for —

Hug, Imagine, Jink

Three days running and I haven’t posted to the AtoZ Challenge on Holistic Self-Care. My apologies. Between work obligations, I needed to practice a bit of self-care.

So today I’m playing catchup by reflecting on three ideas at once.

H is for Hug

Plenty of evidence exists to show that hugging increases serotonin and lowers blood pressure – making it good for body, mind, and spirit.

I wasn’t raised to be much of a hugger. My family didn’t hug much. This doesn’t mean we didn’t love each other but our love and affection were demonstrated differently – primarily through sarcasm and service. For me, a perfectly placed sarcastic remark from one of my siblings releases the same dose of serotonin as a physical hug.

But today I suggest that rather than thinking about what a hug does for us, I’d like to think about what we offer with a hug.

A hug offers Honest – Unabashed – Gratitude

Can you offer Honest – Unabashed – Gratitude towards loved ones, friends, trees, yourself?

Whether you hug with your heart, your hands, or your head – are you offering Honest Unabashed Gratitude?

Hug a loved one. Hug a friend. Hug a tree. Hug yourself.

I is for Imagine

If we believe that all life is energy and vibration, and that our thoughts become our reality – as many scientists, philosophers, and spiritual gurus say – our ability to imagine is one of the most powerful tools we possess to envision and then bring about our deepest desires.

Ignatius of Loyola encouraged the use of the imagination in prayer – to tap into your deepest desire.

Imagination is not always a simple flight of fancy. Instead –

To imagine is to know that our current reality – as good or as not so good as it is – isn’t the entire story.

To imagine is to believe in the possibility of “Next?”

To imagine is to hope.

About what do you imagine?

J is for Jink

JINK is not a common word in my world but when I looked up the definition, I knew it needed to be included in holistic self-care.

The standard definition of the verb JINK is “to change direction suddenly and nimbly, as when dodging a pursuer.”

Practicing holistic self-care sometimes calls us to nimbly and suddenly change direction: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

When we aren’t treating our bodies respectfully – jink.

When negative thoughts creep in to our choice to live a positive, joy-filled life – jink.

When what we feel hurts – anger, sadness, grief, fear, etc. – AFTER we allow ourselves to HUG the feeling and imagine new possibilities – jink.

Have you hugged lately? About what do you imagine? When do you jink?


  1. Hi Janet, yes I hug often especially my grandsons, husband and children. My grandson taught me how to use my imagination again through play and as for JINK what a great word? One I’ve not heard of before and you have used it in a great context. I just loved this post in AtoZ Janet and good for you in ensuring that your self-care comes first. You are leading by example and I rather enjoyed 3 letters together because I’m finding it a Challenge to keep up with reading daily posts as we pack to move house! Take care and thanks for providing a new word for me – Jink!


    • Isn’t JINK a great word? And Sue, be sure to take care of yourself during this move. Moving can be so stressful. I totally agree that keeping up with commenting on AtoZ posts is tough. I enjoy the relationships I’ve built through blogging, but it is sometimes difficult to keep up. Thanks for taking the time to comment and join the conversation.


  2. Jink – I’m going to have to use that in the next few days to make it a part of my vocabulary! Especially with negative thoughts… great word as it is just fun to say too. As far as Hugs…I’m a hugger. My husband is not; nor is any of his family. In fact, I think I hugged my nieces and nephews more than their own parents did. They got used to it… it was just “Aunt Pat’s way”. It’s something I’ve had to learn – his not initiating hugs is not anything negative towards me! And kudos for you for keeping with the posting with a cacth-up day!


    • Pat – isn’t Jink great! And I’m so glad that you realize your husband’s ‘non-hugging’ has nothing to do with you. I hope you’ve noticed the other ways that he shows his love. Thanks for joining the conversation.

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  3. Once again, these are awesome tips, Janet (I too love the addition of “jinx”). Most important of all, you model what you preach and made your own self-care a priority over posting. That is very impressive!


  4. I commend you for making A-Z fit into your schedule and not the other way around. What a way to demonstrate self-care!

    I’ve never heard the word “jink” but I love the definition. Now, if I use it three times today it becomes my word, right? 🙂


    • Yep Molly – jink is actually your word now. It’s great, isn’t it? I’m struggling to keep up with the AtoZ – but I’m determined to see it through. Thanks for sticking with me – and joining the conversation.


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