AtoZ Holistic Self-care: L is for Laugh

My high school yearbook senior quote reads: “Laugh and the class laughs with you, but you stay after school by yourself.”

Once the class clown and avid giggler, I don’t laugh nearly as much as when I was younger. But I still struggle to get through telling a joke without laughing first – which can drive people crazy. And one of my favorite things about getting together with my family of origin and old friends from high school is how much we can make each other laugh.

Laughing is critical to self-care:

Body: Laughing burns calories and massages intestinal muscles.

Mind: Laughing helps you forget your troubles – even if at least for a little bit.

Spirit: Laughing sparks joy and dispels sadness – even if at least for a little bit.

Have you laughed lately?


  1. HI, Janet – I love your quote from your High School Senior Yearbook. It confirms that we definitely would be friends IRL (and if we had had that opportunity in High School….you wouldn’t have been alone in Detention!) 🙂


  2. I love your quote! They say “laughter is the best medicine”. I believe this to an extent but when you have a hard time finding that laughter, what do you do? I tend to make fun of myself so it works. LOL


    • Bren – I know sometimes it can be tough to find opportunities for laughter. I have a very small social circle but I’m fortunate that I have children who would be great standup comics. A good comedy show can help, too. Thanks for joining the conversation.


  3. We went to a show this past weekend which was laugh-out-loud funny and yeah, both me and hubby felt better the whole next day even. It’s hard to find things to laugh at these days, so it was even more delightful because of that.


  4. Hi Janet! I’m not checking in every day with your A-Z but I had to comment on this one because I too am a big fan of laughing. I’m also a big fan of the work of Norman Cousins who proved that laughing not only counteracts pain but that it can heal as well. In fact, if people tell me they are in pain about anything mental or physical, I resist the urge to ask, what are you watching/listening to on a regular basis? If it is news of any kind, there is a good chance that they are not helping the situation. Far better to find a friend who makes you laugh or find a comedy and watch it! Thanks for the reminder to include laughter in my day today! ~Kathy


    • Kathy – thanks for stopping in! Isn’t it a balancing act to pay enough attention to know what is going on in the world and being inundated with heavy, dark frustrating realities? Although these days sometimes you have to laugh just to keep from crying. I agree though, it is far better to find a friend to laugh with. I struggle to find comedy I find funny these days — I’m not into slapstick and most sitcom. Laughing at myself always works! Thanks again for joining the conversation.


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