Changing Directions

Hello anyone who’s still following my blog!

I haven’t written in almost a year – and for quite a few months before that I’d been sporadic in my posting – because I’ve been struggling with what direction I wanted to take this blog.

For over a year, I’d been writing what I called “Midlife Musings” and focussing my thoughts very much on finding (and helping other women of midlife) find their voice.

I hoped that I was providing a new and possibly different perspective on life. And for awhile, I think I did. But I found that framing my thoughts as “Midlife Musings” began to stifle me.

I couldn’t find my voice!

Because my voice is about so much more than self-awareness and personal empowerment for women in midlife. I have too many thoughts about too many topics – that may or may not deal with midlife.

So, while some of my posts moving forward might be ABOUT midlife, my musings moving forward will be from the perspective of someone who has reached midlife. I will continue to encourage myself and my readers to “find peace, be content, and joy someone” as my tagline suggests, but that means I might also need to seek justice and upset the status quo along the way (as my “about me” section suggests).

So – if you’ve followed my blog and engaged with my posts purely from the perspective of a “midlife blog” you might be disappointed. But if you’re interested in hearing my take on a wide variety of topics – from in the kitchen or garden, book reviews, life, parenting, education, current events, social justice and racism – you’re welcome to stick around, leave a comment or two, and join the conversation.

For a taste of what might come – please check out these links to posts I’ve shared on through the years:

Do Something About it (September 2020)

How to Encourage Healthy Eating and Positive Body Image in Children

How to Help Raise Internally Motivated Kids with Passion (December 2018)

Dispelling the Myth That Children Need Structure (December 2018)


  1. Hi Janet! I read your blog because I appreciate your voice on all topics. Sure it is nice to be encouraged, but sometimes hearing how you deal with and approach other issues can be equally inspiring. So nice to have you back and I will be reading regardless of what you write about. ~Kathy

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  2. Janet, Of course I still follow you and it’s lovely to see you back. I’m looking forward to hearing your take on various topics. I might not always relate – no kids and little interest in kid development, but many of your other topics I am looking forward to hearing your voice!


  3. Hi Janet – I’ve missed you and wondered where you’d meandered off to. Welcome back to the blogosphere and I’m going to follow you so I don’t miss any of your thoughts in the months ahead. Now that I’ve stopped doing our #MLSTL party I’ve started following a few bloggers so I can stay up to date with them. I’m down to blogging once a week these days – sharing my thoughts on life after quitting the soul sucking job I was in – such freedom and so many uncertainties about where the paths ahead are leading. I’m just taking it one step at a time atm and not rushing off to fill my days just so I look productive (such a change of pace for me!)


  4. good to see you back here! I am so glad you decided to just run with it rather than feeling you had to start anew or stifle your voice. I too write in a very odd niche (metaphysics, self-development, writing and creativity) and to be honest it takes the pressure off having to market myself. The readers who resonate with my writing seem to have found me and that’s cool with me.
    Looking forward to your posts.


  5. I look forward to reading your future posts! Good for you for making this change. It sounds like it will suit you nicely.


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