101 Things in 1095 Days (3 years) beginning Oct 31, 2018 thru Oct. 31, 2021

101 Things in 1095 Days (3 years) beginning Oct 31, 2018 thru Oct. 31, 2021

When your 101 Things to complete includes substantial writing goals, maintaining a regular blog gets tough. I’ve been absent from the blogging world since April 30, 2019 but returned recently – and today I’m offering a few updates to my 101 Things. [I launched my first 101 Things in 1095 Days.]

I’ve made some progress in some areas and no progress in other areas – as I said in my original post, I hope to complete these in 3 years so that when I’m ready to begin my 60th year on this planet (October 31, 2022) I will have hopefully completed at least a portion of them. Because hey, life happens…

And I said all of that BEFORE 2020 happened…


I am challenging myself to up my professional game.

Fundraising Coaching

  1. Blog professionally (2x/month) for 2018-19 (suspended to work on book and patio)
  2. Blog professionally (2x/month) for 2019-20 (suspended to work on book and patio)
  3. Blog professionally (2x/month) for 2020-21 Plan to jump back in Jan 2020. Didn’t work.
  4. Offer monthly Rafflecopter type contest for a free coaching session to a nonprofit org? Need to work on it.

WooHoo! Numbers 5-15 targeted researching and writing Chapters 1-10 of my nonprofit business book. I completed 10 chapters plus three transition sections for a total of 13 chapters.

  1. Edit business book Completed edits suggested by editor – along with a major rewrite of some sections.
  2. Send to beta-readers Currently in the hands of beta readers
  3. Review beta-reader comments Completed edits of first beta reader with edits from editor.
  4. Edit business book again – Waiting for return. Hopefully, this week.
  5. Prep for publication Getting things ready.
  6. Create calendar to complement business book Ah yes, I almost forgot.
  7. Market/promote services and book Creating plans this week.
  8. Explore new coaching niches to broaden my services (percolating a few ideas)

Writing – Author Platform

Being self-employed allows me the flexibility to develop my writing life. I’ve always wanted to be a published author and to write for a living. I’m grateful for the time I have to further study the craft, develop my voice, and prepare for the next phase in life. If you’ve read my guest posts (Starting Over: Why She Left the Convent to Embrace Change or Terrifying Questions) you’ll understand how many twists and turns my life has taken and why I feel the need to be ready for the next phase.


  • Figure out Pinterest No progress – not sure I’m that interested.
  • Figure out why Mailchimp doesn’t connect well to my blog – make needed adjustments – No progress
  • Blog weekly “Midlife Musings” in 2018-19 –Decided to suspend for the summer to build a patio and work on book. Also wanting to explore different topics. Relaunched a few weeks ago and getting back into the swing of things now. Recently published Changing Directions, Do Something About It, Can You See the Holes?
  • Blog weekly “Midlife Musings” in 2019-20
  • Blog weekly “Midlife Musings” in 2020-21
  • Blog weekly in “In the Kitchen” in 2018-2019
  • Blog weekly in “In the Kitchen” in 2019-2020
  • Blog weekly in “In the Kitchen” in 2020-2021
  • Complete A-Z Challenge 2019 – 26 blogs Done!
  • Complete A-Z Challenge 2020 – 26 blogs
  • Complete A-Z Challenge 2021 – 26 blogs


  • Submit at least 2 articles per month to publications –Every blog post is now also on Medium.com – decided not to pitch to publications.
  • If publication submissions are rejected, post them to Medium.com Still receiving very small residuals from these posts.

#37- 63 Non-fiction Writing No further progress on The Radical Heart yet.

  • Numbers 37-59 included finishing The Radical Heart Chapters 1 – 22
  • Edit The Radical Heart
  • Send The Radical Heart to beta-readers
  • Review beta-reader comments and edit again.
  • Create accessories to complement The Radical Heart

#64-71 Fiction Writing – My focus for 2020 – or maybe 2021 at this point

  • Write basic outline of Novel 1
  • Write Part I of Novel 1
  • Write Part II of Novel 1
  • Write Part III of Novel 1
  • Edit Novel 1
  • Send to beta readers and review their reviews
  • Edit Novel 1 again
  • Finalize Novel 1 for publication


And because life isn’t all work and no play – and I know the importance of enjoying life, I am embracing elements of relaxation, exercise, and gratitude in action.


  • Finish 4-6 Jigsaw puzzles. Done last winter. Suspended for summer. Working on #7 now. Hope to complete 6 more by April 30, 2020.
  • Roller-skating on any 5th Tuesdays of the month Nope
  • Make (and use) prayer stool Nope
  • Read 20 novels in 2019 – Done.
  • Read 20 novels in 2020 Actually set my goal to read 75 books total this year. I’m on book 33 now and in the middle of 34 and 35. On target to read 35 novels by year-end.
  • Read 20 novels in 2021
  • Read 12 nonfiction books in 2019 – Done – in conjunction with #82 below.
  • Read 12 nonfiction books in 2020
  • Read 12 nonfiction books in 2021

Gratitude in Action

  • Find a ‘cause’ or organization to volunteer for regularly Not yet.
  • Proofread husband’s doctoral thesisDone! He officially graduated May 23, 2019.

Physical Activity

Consistent activity

  • Engage in moderate aerobic activity at least 5 days a week –Slacked a bit with pandemic shut down and book editing – but not totally sedentary.

Enjoy bike trails around Chicago –

  • North branch – 33.5 miles – rode much of this but not the complete trail.
  • Des Plaines – 54.8 miles
  • Major Taylor – 7 miles
  • Greenbay – 8.9 miles
  • Illinois Prairie Path – 61 miles
  • All forest preserves


  • Use reward points to take vacation – somewhere, with husband Short visit to Houston TX for a Cubs game and great food in celebration of hubby’s graduation in May. He also visited me in San Diego after a conference for two days in October 2019.
  • Visit Hong Kong (China) – with my daughter? Followed with horror the violence imposed after peaceful protests, remembering the Tiananmen Square marches in HK 1989. ON HOLD.


With the hope that I will not need to work until I’m 900, I hope to address critical areas that need attention BEFORE I am ready to retire, so that when I do – I can truly enjoy life.

House Projects –purchased new windows for the entire house except the basement. Put other projects on hold until Spring/Summer 2021.

  • Paint living room
  • Repair front porch – damaged boards replaced, next up – sanding old boards and staining entire porch
  • Enclosed back porch – insulate and re-plaster
  • Fire pit – convert to brick insert Done
  • Build back patio Done
  • Insulate and drywall basement ceiling – Spring 2020 project? In progress now.
  • Basic upgrades to basement bathroom.

Personal Finances

  • Establish will, trust, power of attorneyDone
  • Pay OFF credit card debt – ALL PAID in FULL. Now for student and parent plus loans…

Finally, I hope that my journey

  1. Inspire one other person to create a 101 Things in 1001 Days List

 Not sure – Have you been inspired?


  1. SO impressive!

    While I am not inspired to create (and attempt) such a long, detailed list… I am inspired to make a list for 2021. I think I have finally settled into retirement life (it was more of an adjustment than I anticipated) and I’m now better able to know how far I can push myself.

    Congratulations on making such progress. I admire your tenacity and perseverance 🙂


    • Hello Molly! Thanks for taking a look at my crazy updates. I think my listing out chapters within books made such a long list possible – but having this list “hanging out there in cyberspace” has helped my perseverance. That said – my house projects list has grown exponentially! I think I could create 101 house to-dos. I’m so glad to hear you’re settling into retirement! Will you be returning to regular blogging?


  2. That’s quite a list Janet. Impressive. I am working on 60 before 60. My list is not as well defined as yours, but it is helping motivate me to be more intentional in my actions. I wish you luck with your goals. Enjoy the process!


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